Be caring

A woman longs for a man who cares for her and stays with her through her joys and sorrows.

Do something out of the ordinary

A woman always wants in her heart that her partner should make her feel special and in some cases also make her feel special.

Compliment her

A woman wants her partner to appreciate her and keep praising her in every little thing.

Give privacy

A woman wants her partner to give her privacy and no one should interfere in her privacy.

Pay attention to things

A woman wants that whenever she talks about something, her partner should understand and implement her words.

Be calm and kind

A woman wants that her partner should never flirt with her and should not give importance to small pearls.

and his companion treated him calmly and kindly.

Emotionally attached

A woman wants her partner to be more emotionally connected to her than her physical partner.

Don't show off

A woman wants her partner to be normal with her and not even try to show off.

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