The Cutest Tree-Dwelling Creatures

Koalas eat eucalyptus leaves, hence they spend much time in trees. Low-nutrition eucalyptus leaves make them languid, so they snooze 18+ hours a day in tree nooks.


The squirrel monkey swings in Central and South American rainforests. These primates are smart and cute. Their brain-to-body-mass ratio is the highest among monkeys.

Squirrel Monkey

Like flying squirrels and phalangers, the larger glider may extend a membrane between its elbows and ankles. Cute floppy ears and bushy tail. Brown or gray-to-white.

Greater Glider

These dragon-like lizards hatch from eggs in tree bark and leaves. Long tails help them balance after hatching. Geckos' climbing ability is thanks to their sticky toes.


Tarsiers' extra-long tail, feet, and toes make them uniquely suited for treetop life. The tarsier, found on Southeast Asian islands, must swivel its head to see.


Gibbons have long arms, shortened thumbs for gripping trees, and athletic bodies. Gibbons are the fastest and most agile brachiating tree-dwelling mammals.


Most tree frog species share some features. They're slimmer than their pudgy land-dwelling relatives. Smaller makes them more adorable.

Tree Frog

Their bristly hair and charming temperament make them enticing tree-dwellers. Sloths seem happy, moving slowly and never rushing.


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