Beagles keep their puppy appearance. Beagles are superb hunting dogs, but their ears improve their noses. Long, flappy ears help beagles analyse odours.


Pomeranians always smile. Pomeranians have a stuffy reputation as lapdogs, yet they were originally sled dogs. Poms weighed 30 pounds and were muscular.


French bulldogs were bred to keep artisans warm. Lap-warming Frenchies. Still lapdogs, these. These cheerful, loyal, big-eared dogs are terrific with youngsters or other animals.

French Bulldog

To put it simply, Labrador retrievers are happy-go-lucky pets. These canines are sociable and amenable to training. A lively household is ideal for them.

Labrador Retriever

Samoyeds have pointed ears, double coats, and curled spitz tails. Sammies are friendly white dogs. Samoyeds seek attention and are happy to herd, hunt, or tow sleds.


Mini-huskie-like white American Eskimo dogs. The breed is a Midwest farm dog, despite its name. Three white, perky-eared dogs. Their high-energy antics keep owners busy.

American Eskimo

Their puppy ears and eyes stay cute and expressive forever. These pups are full of life and energy, and they adore their families, children, and walks.

Cocker Spaniel

A Dalmatian is an enthusiastic, joyful polka-dotted canine buddy. It'll run with you, retrieve, play hide-and-seek, and nap at your feet, all with a cheerful face and smile.


Dachshunds are popular. Their squat legs and lengthy bodies are cute. Doxies are the best home alarm system you can get. This smart, lively dog needs exercise


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