Cool Taurus Stubby slackers. Sensuality and rational balance. The Bull can fix most difficulties. In relaxed surroundings, great. Taurus like to stick to their schedule.


Sagittarius is a sign that is intellectually curious, open to new experiences, and driven to succeed. As a result of this, they can change or evolve to suit new circumstances

Sagittarians see the broad picture, thus they prefer relaxing and being peaceful. They avoid gossipers and dramamakers to keep their lives as stress-free and quiet as possible.


Cancerians expect you to be intuitive and loyal. They're sensitive to others' and their own sentiments. Cancer relaxes. They like small gatherings, one-on-one interactions, or alone time.


Capricorn is renowned for being reliable, responsible, and hardworking.This Saturn-ruled sign approaches upheaval quietly. They don't sweat. Drama won't distract them.


Pisces is compassionate and known for romanticising reality. Pisces may hide from reality, but they wish to help others and function as therapists.

Sensitive Pisces defends their comfort zone. As an emotional water sign, Pisceans' energy is drained by the wrong individuals, therefore they avoid them. They create art.


Libra's accommodating. Naturally diplomatic. As the Scales, they weigh benefits and drawbacks before acting. Their composure and social skills are cool. 

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