Best Breeds of Calm Dogs

Neapolitan Mastiff

Large and powerful, the Neapolitan Mastiff is calm and steady but best for experienced dog owners. Older children are better for this loving breed.

Saint Bernards

Saint Bernards are robust, placid canines. Saint Bernards are friendly and gentle with kids.

English Mastiffs

Mastiffs are powerful and calm. People-oriented and close-knit. Mastiffs are territorial and may be hostile against strangers.

Great Danes

Their size can be intimidating, and they bark loudly and deeply when outsiders approach. Calm and caring, they make great family pets.

Clumber Spaniels

This family-friendly breed is gentle. Clumber Spaniels love kids and other animals, making them great for multi-pet homes.


Bulldogs are a popular breed in the U.S. Bulldogs are popular with families with children due to their calm and sociable natures.

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