The Brainiest Pets on the Planet

Pets are great. Cute animals aren't necessarily smart. Like all animals, pets vary in intelligence. Some of the smartest pets can take initiative and solve issues on their own.

Pigeons have incredible memories. Photo-recognition pigeons exist. Ancients sent communications via memory. Intelligent pigeons. Cool, they can see themselves.


Squirrels are smarter than they look. Fast learners, they're adaptive. Many can adjust to city life while being from the wild. They're crafty and steal food to survive.


Rats are smart animals whose brains, however immature, function similarly to humans'. The animals have intricate feelings. Isolated, they may develop depression.


Man's best companion are dogs. They're terrific companions and quickly learn house rules. Smarter dog breeds exist. The collie is famous for herding. It can interpret hand signals.


Intelligent pigs. Pigs learn things that take humans months. They remember humans and pigs. Influence pigs. Pigs vocalise. Animals rarely show empathy.


Octopuses imitate rocks to prevent predation. They can swim fast. This creates the illusion that they're not moving. Octopuses open lids, toss pebbles, and splash water to escape.


Grey parrots are smart. Intelligent African rainforest bird. It counts items and recognises colours. This breed can mimic hundreds of syllables.

 African Gray Parrot

A cat may bring love and affection into your life. Having a cat companion can reduce stress and boost heart health. A cat can be a rewarding pet.


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