The biggest procrastinator of the zodiac is this sign

Pisces are highly innovative and creative, finding it difficult to do things that don't seem artistically fruitful or that don't inspire them. 


 When Pisces are pressured or overwhelmed, they start avoiding their real world duties

Geminis love a good time and socializing, they have the ability to focus their mind on one thing


but they can't keep that focus for too long as they get bored easily and tend to procrastinate.

They do not want to leave any opportunity they get in life, yet they find it difficult to join those opportunities.


Individuals born under the Virgo sun sign are known for their high standards, both for themselves and for others around them.


Still, it's tough for those born under this zodiac to get going, what with their tendency toward perfectionism and all.

Cancerians have trouble focusing on tasks because their minds wander to worries and other thoughts.


Librans' inability to make up their minds is a major contributor to their habit of putting off important decisions.


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