The Best Rabbit Breeds

American Rabbit

The peaceful breed is perfect for novices. Skittish and biting, they're not for kids. Well-cared-for American rabbits live 12 years.

Dutch Rabbit

Dutch dogs are popular. This lively rabbit needs socialisation or it will get depressed. Children can care for it thanks to its easygoing nature.

Lionhead Rabbit

The Lionhead with its mane became famous in Europe in the '90s. This little rabbit weighs 3 pounds and can live 10 years. This cute lion may join any family.

Holland Lop Rabbit

This dwarf rabbit has a 14-year lifetime, weighs 4 pounds, and has floppy ears. If you have room, give your Holland Lop a room to sunbathe, hop, and store toys.

Harlequin Rabbit

Harlequins like exploring their area, even if they've done it a hundred times. Kids and first-time owners love their vivacious personalities.

Flemish Giant Rabbit

22-pound "Gentle Giant" rabbit. Flemish Giants cuddle with dogs when living together. No age should carry them, though.

English Spot

The English Spot became a pet after years as a show rabbit. The rabbit should spend at least two hours outside its cage stretching and hopping.

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