Veiled Chameleon

Veiled chameleons can change between brown, yellow, and green colours. As a bonus, it can rapidly shift colours, making it a sight to behold. Covered chameleons ranging in size from 10 to 22 inches.

Fischer’s Chameleon

These chameleons live only in Tanzania's Nguu mountains. Two-horned Fischer's chameleon. Fischer's is difficult to recognise since it resembles other chameleons.

Bearded Pygmy

Bearded Pygmy chameleons have beards. Bearded pygmy doesn't dwell in trees like most of its species, and it's little. It's a flat-land species. It lives in Tanzania's jungles.


This species' size makes it manageable. This should be between 25 to 32 degrees Celsius, however reptiles can bask at 35. Only the vivid green base seems prominent.

Ambilobe Panther

Ambilobe lives in humid tropical woods in northern and eastern Madagascar. The Ambilobe panther chameleon comes in green, red, and blue with blue bars. They have whites and yellows, too.

Ambanja Panther

This species is very blue-purple or blurple. Blurples are named for its blue/purple colour. Big chameleon. Its prehensile tail helps it navigate tree branches. A multicoloured Ambanja panther is hard to mistake.


Male Outstalet's chameleons are 27 inches long. Females can grow half as long. Slow by chameleon standards. It moves slowly or stays still. This helps it save energy and avoid predators.

 Jackson’s Chameleon

Jackson's horned chameleons are similar. Three-horned chameleon (Kikuyu) This chameleon is native to Kenya. California, Florida, and Hawaii also have it.

Senegal chameleon

Senegal chameleons are small, reaching 8 inches in length. Long tongues, conical eyeballs, and jointed toes are chameleon features.

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