The Best Liars Come From These 5 Zodiac Signs

Deception skills vary by zodiac sign. You should know a liar's symptoms and why they lie as a friend or lover. After that, defend your dishonesty. It typically isn't best.


Geminis adapt to their surroundings. Thus, they may also lie to suit their needs. Geminis are known as the zodiac's liars. It's mostly done to get along with others and maintain peace. 

They're trustworthy and informative on good days. Remember that they'll revert back to reality in a flash, and they may even help you get out of a party you don't want to go to.


Leos are noted for ego protection. Unfortunately, this can mislead individuals when it comes to truthfulness. The honest Lion might be overly honest on a bad day.

Insecure Lions may lie to appear superior. Even with a good excuse, Leos are usually wrong. Fidgeting and avoiding eye contact are annoying, so tell your Leo friend.


The scales of Libra are always shifting. When unsteady, people often lie to make themselves feel better. Liars tend to tell fibs when they feel off-kilter. However, that doesn't happen.

 Libras tell fibs to escape conflict. Kindly remind them that lying isn't effective defence against hurt feelings if you find out they've been doing it.


Scorpios lie well because they're skilled at disguising it. If they lie, scorpions know how to hide the truth. So watch for their complex tales. Though skilled, few lies can last.


Cancers can lie better because they can make it look like the truth. They lie rarely yet are hard to catch. Even their best friend may have trouble spotting their lies.

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