The best horse for a beginner rider?

English and Western riders like American quarter horses. Quarter horses' balanced temperament makes them good starter horses. Some are energetic. Their versatility, dexterity, and reliability make them wonderful first horses.

American Quarter Horse

Arabians burn. Fast, robust, and durable warhorses. Arabs are reliable and quiet. Calm horses don't spook in unexpected situations. Depending on temperament, geldings are the calmest Arabians.


Thoroughbreds, bred for racing, may be too much for beginners. Avoid retired racehorses that bolt at the starter pistol. Non-racing thoroughbreds can be calm and reliable first horses.


Paint horses are heavily quarter horse-bred. They are peaceful, social animals. They bond nicely with their partner and kids. They are smart and trainable.

American Paint

Morgans are great family horses. These horses are kind, attentive, and eager to please. They're forgiving for new riders. Experienced riders obey orders quickly. These horses are easy to care for and rarely sick.


Icelandic horses are hardy, long-lived, and sure-footed. Some survive 40 years and mature later than other horses. New riders feel less intimidated by these Shetland ponies. Icelandics also gait

Icelandic Horse

Beginners like quiet Clydesdales. These horses are docile and forgiving towards beginners. They're large. Larger horses might be difficult to fit and gear. Some riders find these tall horses daunting.


Crossbred draughts can replace purebreds. Beginners can ride inferior crossbreds. draught horses are amiable and simple to manage. They can plough, till, log, pull carriages, and ride.

Draft Crossbreeds

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