The benefits of drinking coffee to your skin

Cellulite reduction

Coffee reduces cellulite. Coffee's caffeine component may reduce cellulite by dilating blood vessels and boosting blood flow.

Calming effects

Coffee may have the opposite impact when administered topically than when consumed. Coffee's antioxidants help.

Anti-aging benefits

Coffee can reduce sun spots, redness, and fine wrinkles when applied topically. Coffee consumption reduces photoaging.

Reduced inflammation

CGA and melanoidins in coffee have anti-inflammatory properties. CGA reduces inflammation-related hyperpigmentation.

Acne treatment

Coffee fights microorganisms in wounds and skin conditions. Coffee's anti-inflammatory CGAs. All these benefits, plus coffee's exfoliating, can heal acne.

Dark circles

Coffee's caffeine may help open up blood vessels that are responsible for dark circles under the eyes.

After-sun care

Post-sun care can leverage coffee's anti-aging properties. Sunburned skin will appreciate a soothing treatment, not a mask or scrub.

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