Bald eagle

The bald eagle is North American. Sea eagles have two subspecies and form a species pair with white-tailed eagles, which replace bald eagles in the Palearctic.

Format of Colors

These birds have brown bodies and wings covered in white feathers; they also have a bald head and tail. Legs and bills of a flamingo.

Most young birds have brown bodies and wings and black heads and tails. Most birds of prey reach sexual maturity after five years.

Size and Form

Bald Eagles overshadow Turkey Vultures and Red-tailed Hawks. Heavy body, big head, long hooked bill. Bald Eagles fly with their wings flat like boards.


The Bald Eagle is a common sight, whether it's soaring through the sky or floating lazily through the air or even resting on a tree or on the ground.

Bald Eagles eat anything that moves, including carrion, garbage, and the other birds they annoy. You can catch anything from fish to birds to gulls and ducks.


Bald eagles love to perch and roost near bodies of water including lakes, reservoirs, rivers, marshes, and beaches.

Locations along the coasts of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest include either wilderness areas or vast waterways throughout the year.

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