The Attraction of Cats to Indoor Bathrooms

Some cats consider bathrooms playrooms. Play with a tub and toilet paper rolls. Walls may have towels and robes. They can play on the floor with a rug or bathmat.

Playing in a restroom is a fun activity

A cat may have joy in any environment. Many pet owners learned the hard way about their cats' bathroom habits. Don't defecate or urinate in the bathroom

Most cats hate closed doors. This includes the bathroom door. Your cat can go berserk if you're behind a locked bathroom door. Some cats learn to avoid the bathroom door

Hidden Content Creates Suspicions

They want to be there to enjoy the party. Cats are always curious about their areas. Cats would never like closed doors if they had one rule.

Cats crave attention.  The cat can attract your attention while you're "stuck." Your cat may know you're not watching TV, reading, etc. You can love them. Bathing cats often kiss humans. 

The Time to Grab People's Focus is Now

V-shaped. Cat has rounded sides. Normal-looking sink-sleeping cat. In summer, the sink may be pleasant. Warming the sink with cat heat. Cats lick sink water.

Rather like how cats use sinks as beds

Some cats like water, but most don't. Bathroom sink and tub faucets are safe for cats. Flushing water delights cats. Some cats like sinks with running water. Some cats drink bathwater.

Running Water

Your cat may be suspicious. Your cat may watch you. Cats sit on vanities as people brush their teeth or style their hair. Cats bond through poop.

Cats absolutely love you

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