Aries' fight, unruliness, and energy are more important than their intent to hurt you. They are unpredictable and demand everyone behave according to them,


Scorpios are smart, intuitive, and distrustful. Mars rules war, and Pluto rules the underworld. Thus, they are enigmatic and believe everyone has dark secrets.


Mercury rules communication, but they talk too much. They want to mingle, form community, and deepen relationships. They can't hold back delicious gossip.

People may not purposefully hurt your feelings in front of you, but hearing what they've said about you behind your back can be just as upsetting. Geminis are the best at stoking a fire.


Sagittarians are ruled by fire, therefore they often say things they don't mean and offend people without realising it. Sagittarius is the most prone to say the wrong thing.


Lion, the zodiac sign controlled by the sun. As a result, they consider themselves better than everyone else and don't seem to care about the consequences of their words and deeds.

They share this passion for showmanship and the arts with lions. If you catch Leo's eye, they may become possessive and aggressive.


When members of their zodiac sign don't play by their own set of rules, they get anxious and agitated. No Virgo will give up until you admit they were right and you were wrong.

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