The Akita: A Guide to the Breed and Its Upkeep

Akitas are brave, faithful Japanese workdogs. The Akita's short, double coat, large neck, tall triangular ears, and full, erect coiled tail make it look stuffed. When necessary, the Akita barks.

The Akita's Distinct Traits

Akitas are kind and affectionate, but they need an experienced owner and no small children or other dogs. If you have a small household, the Akita will be a loyal companion.

After eating, this dog cleans itself catlike. Due to their thick coats, Akitas don't appreciate hot conditions, therefore owners must be watchful.

Care for Akitas--

This breed needs up to 40 minutes of daily activity, including at least two vigorous walks. Avoid walking an Akita in a dog park where he may be violent.


Akitas have straight coats and velvety undercoats. Sheds twice a year. Low upkeep. Brushing weekly reduces hair loss. Brush more while shedding.


Persistent Akitas. Training can help you handle and enjoy your Akita. Hard but necessary is training. Being social is vital. Akitas don't like strangers and other dogs.


Akita puppies develop quickly and need a good, low-calorie food. Adult Akitas need 3 to 5 cups of dry food per day. Monitor your Akita's excess weight & discuss particular needs with your vet.

Diet Plan

Breeding to these norms reduces dog health problems. The breed can have inherited health issues. Note the following: Hip dysplasia,hypothyroidism

Health Issues

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