You don't have to push everyone away to get to the top people will love you even if you are wrong but you have to relax and accept the fact that you won't always be the best at everything.


There is nothing wrong with giving opinions but it is wrong to think of yourself as right all the time you change the way you talk then people will learn to appreciate you more.


Feeling pain is to be human if you keep hiding your pain in the form of sarcasm and jokes then you can never manage the pain so allow yourself to express these feelings from time to time.


Refusing to talk about what you really feel is just losing people if you're afraid to tell them anything then people can't understand your true desires so you should speak up.


You have a way with words but you use it for deception if you stop hiding behind a false image all the time then people will like you more your pride is an animal you have to learn to control it.


Stop being negative try to focus on the better things in life if you keep thinking badly about everything then people will get tired of treating you.


Not everyone understands that you are attractive by nature and you want everyone to love you but you need to know how others see your personality so learn to communicate clearly.


You only hurt yourself when you carry the pain with you, you need to understand that it is okay to let go hurting others will not reduce your pain so learn to forgive others and move on.


It's not a good idea to bring back the chaos on your own to overcome that boredom other than cutting people randomly because you're bored it means a lot of people hate you and keep their distance.


You're afraid what can happen if people get closer to you you have to understand that pushing people away and building incredibly high walls will only cause harm and loneliness.


You break up relationships before you hurt yourself but you have to understand that not everyone's intentions are bad let people in and feel the happiness they can bring to you.


There is a difference between being in love and ordinary cynicism and it is good to be selfish from time to time learn to love yourself first and true love for others is clearly manifested.

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