Lemons cleanse skin and body. Lemon water cleanses lymph nodes, intestines, and bladder. Antibacterial mint protects body and skin.

 Detoxifier Load

Delicious and healthful lemon, strawberry, and basil water. It removes toxins from the scalp and skin. Moisturizing, it's great for skin.

The Beauty All-Rounder

Cucumber and coconut water make a fantastic skin toner. This refreshing blend will rapidly rehydrate your skin and boost your immune system and radiance.

The Multi-Tasker

Adding collagen to water boosts benefits without affecting flavour. Collagen in water enhances skin and decreases wrinkles.

 The Youth Potion

This antioxidant-rich fruit blend is great for skin and hair. Both are anti-inflammatory and minimise morning puffiness.

Boosting antioxidants

This delightful combo includes 92% watermelon. It lowers water retention and bloating. Lycopene reduces inflammation. Basil anti-inflammatory.

 The Hydration Hit

Vinegar slims. Detoxification helps skin. 2 L water with 1-2 T ACV. Add honey. Cheers! 2 tablespoons/day limit.

Apple cider vinegar detox 

Turmeric has skin-friendly qualities. Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial qualities fight acne. It has health-boosting therapeutic qualities

Turmeric detox

Vitamin C is great for skin. It cleanses and prevents skin problems. Many skincare products contain vitamin C dietary sources like orange or lemon.

 Vitamin C drink

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