The 9 Most Sporty Cat Breeds

The Oriental is less talkative than the Siamese but would fare best in a home with attentive owners who have numerous pets or are ready to communicate with it regularly.

Oriental Shorthair

The Siamese is sociable and will spend the day speaking with its owners. If they get adequate exercise, Siamese love playing with other cats and sitting in their owner's lap.


Egyptian Maus run, jump, and play. Egyptian Maus have an M-shaped mark on the forehead and two black lines across the cheeks.

Egyptian Mau

Smart, friendly, and cuddly, the Devon Rex. This breed is active and well-behaved when left alone. Devon Rexes are loving and playful.

Devon Rex

The Cornish Rex is a great choice for anyone with allergies since its curly, velvety coat sheds significantly less than that of other breeds.

Cornish Rex

Somalis are similar to Abyssinians in colour and activity, but have longer hair. Somalis are amiable, extroverted cats who are curious and energetic.


Thinner, shorter-haired, and more angular-faced cats tend to be more energetic than their larger, longer-haired counterparts.


The Japanese Bobtail is a friendly, intelligent cat with a thin, athletic physique. It gets along well with other cats it's been reared with but may be wary of new pets.

Japanese Bobtail

The Singapura preserves its kitten-like characteristics and behaviour throughout its life and enjoys people. Singapura is gregarious and friendly.


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