The 9 Most Popular Pets in the US

Man's best friend, dogs are America's most popular pet. They're easy to care for and make great kids' and adults' companions.


Cats outrank dogs. English colonists brought them to North America to control vermin. Today, they're tamed and cherished for their curiosity, sweetness, and playfulness.


Fish are the third most common pet in the US; 13% of homes have at least one. Their aquariums are pretty and easy to maintain.


Not as popular as fish or cats, but just as entertaining and fulfilling, 2.8% of American families have birds as pets. Bird owners love cockatiels, parrots, and other mimicking birds.


Reptiles, including snakes, salamanders, iguanas, and lizards, are popular with Americans. Millennials appreciate them because of their exotic look.


Ferrets are popular exotic pets. Playful and cute. Long-term care should be straightforward as pet stores sell ferret food. Pets include mammals, cattle, and amphibians.


Guinea pigs are cute but less popular than hamsters. Young pet owners can't choose between similar animals. Small, vigorous, and long-lived.

Guinea pigs

They're popular since they're easy to care for, little, and rarely sick. Your hamster is more likely to die of old age than a virus or sickness.


Chicken, turkey, ducks, and geese are popular US pet choices. Some pet owners choose them because they can sell eggs.


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