Cherries have a delicious flavour and are full of antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation.


Tomatoes are nutrient-dense. Tomatoes are abundant in vitamin C, potassium, and anti-inflammatory lycopene.


Turmeric is a warm, earthy spice used in Indian recipes. It's popular because it contains the anti-inflammatory curcumin.


Grape anthocyanins reduce inflammation. Diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer's, and vision problems may be minimised. Grapes contain resveratrol.


Low in calories, selenium, copper, and B vitamins. Contains anti-inflammatory phenols and antioxidants. Using lion's mane may reduce obesity-related inflammation.

 Bell Peppers

Peppers are strong in vitamin C and anti-inflammatory antioxidants. Sinapic acid and ferulic acid reduce inflammation and promote healthy ageing.


One component in avocados may prevent inflammation in freshly developing skin cells.


Broccoli contains sulforaphane, an antioxidant that reduces inflammation by lowering cytokines and NF-B levels.


Berries provide fibre, vitamins, and minerals.Berries contain anthocyanins. Anti-inflammatory chemicals minimise illness risk.

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