Sheep are a cud-chewing domestic animal. Farmers breed them for wool or meat. Farmers keep rams and ewes apart until breeding season.


Some goat breeds can consume thorn tree leaves. Regurgitated and chewed food alone contains nutrients. Domestic goats provide meat, milk, and hair.


Man's most hazardous animal is the buffalo. As they assault without notice. They are large animals with long, strong horns that may look plodding yet may move rapidly when disturbed.


Bison are North America's largest animal. Strong, shaggy animals that survived the Ice Age. Bison, despite their size, can run up to 40 mph.


Unusual long-necked giraffes. They regurgitate so far to eat the cud, which appears impossible. Leaf-eating giraffes. Long-necked birds eat from tall trees.


The nyala is a moderate African antelope with backward-pointing spiral horns. Tree-leaf eaters. Its slate-brown coat has stripes and patches. They eat leaves, fruit, flowers, and grass.


Chamois like meadows and rocks. Their rump is light brown to black. Chamois male dominates herd. Thin, soft chamois leather is popular.


Elk can be dark brown to light tan. Most deer-sized. Male elks have 5-foot antlers and enormous ears. Elks eat grass, leaves, and woods.


Most commonly, cows chew the cud. They're bred for milk or beef. Farmers organise cows by need, therefore they don't have a natural herd structure. Cows consume grass.


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