The 9 Best Animal-Repellent Plants

Lavender smells good and repels insects. Lavender repels pests. With practise, you can distil lavender oil to repel rodents. Lavender attracts honey bees and repels vermin.


Companion planting uses daffodils. Two plants are planted around each other for looks and pest control. Daffodil bulbs repel insects, mice, voles, and squirrels.


Russian sage grows a 5-foot-tall fragrant bush. Its smell and purple-blue blossoms repel deer. Deer avoid its odour. Sun-loving and sun-hardy.

Russian sage

Bee balm's many colours attract pollinators. It deters deer from herb gardens. Bee balm thrives in the ground or in containers.

Bee balm 

The beautiful Lenten Rose is surprisingly strong. This evergreen plant has pale purple spring flowers. It's sturdy, beautiful, and deters voles.

 Lenten Rose 

 Yarrow is a good deer repellent in addition to being medicinal. If planted around your garden's edges, it will deter deer. It's white, yellow, pink, or red.


Rosemary enhances every herb, flower, or garden. It's a great container plant with lavender-like blossoms. Aromatic and kitchen-friendly. It repels deer, mice, and rats.


Spidery Southeast Asian lemongrass. Plant it to flavour soups and repel bugs. It can be relocated in pots. Lemongrass repels mice and rats.


Deer avoid bleeding-hearts. Deer will avoid a border or planting that includes them. WARNING Bleeding Hearts are toxic to dogs, so try another repellent.

Bleeding hearts

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