Dolphins are among the most remembering creatures. These gregarious and playful animals remember other dolphins they've met and their social interactions.


Whales survive in the wild through remembering. They teach their young to play and hunt with their memories. In winter, whales move south.


Octopuses have a half-billion-neuron memory. When agitated, these animals' short-term memory improves. Octopuses change colour and texture to blend in.


Their memory allows them to socialise and forage in small groups. Their sense of smell detects location changes, helping them keep an accurate mental map.


Lesser apes have superior memories than humans. These animals have short-term memory. They recall deadly predators and humans.


Dogs can recognise long-lost owners, even those who mistreated them. Their memories help them remember tricks and processes. Police dogs are a no-brainer.


The fall is when squirrels bury nuts for later consumption. They are able to retrieve their nut stash because of their excellent recall.


Parrots have long lives and excellent memories. Their memory also helps individuals repeat words and sentences. They'll learn when to utilise the words.


Crows and ravens have good memories. Crows, ravens, and magpies are considered the smartest birds. These birds utilise tools.

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