He remains in a relationship with you but does not express his love even after getting a chance to express it .

Does not show love

If your partner ignores your words all the time or does not show any interest even after listening to you, then he does not love each other.

Ignores your words

If your partner does not share anything with you and does not discuss your future with you, then he is not much interested in the relationship.

Does not tell any plan for the future

If your partner doesn't give you priority and looks down all the time, then he is only pretending to be in the relationship.

Does not prefer you

He starts lying mostly to each other and at the same time he starts procrastinating while making some promises to each other.

He is not reliable

If he doesn't share any of his feelings with you and starts moving away from you emotionally then he doesn't love you.

Does not share feelings

Your partner starts comparing you with others and even when you are right, you start finding fault.

Compares to others

Your partner starts arguing with you all the time without talking to you and starts nagging you for every little thing .

Fights all the time

And sometimes he doesn't even hesitate to raise his hand, it's a sign that he doesn't love each other anymore.

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