The 8 Most Hipster Dog Breeds


This breed had an undeserved poor reputation. Pit bulls are sweet souls who were originally used as babysitters for tiny children, but hipsters enjoy their tenacity.


Any rescued dog is hipster, especially in New York or Los Angeles. While rescuing a homeless animal is wonderful, a rescue with a tragic backstory is cooler.


Pugs are good with other dogs and kids. They're affectionate and social. They're good companions, as expected.


Wirey hair earns Dachshunds additional points with hipsters. These little guys are mighty. They have opinions and don't mind voicing them.

French Bulldog

Third-most popular breed: French Bulldogs. It's cool to add a Frenchie to your household, whether you're strutting with a grumbling Frenchie on a leash 

King Charles Cavalier

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a toy breed of spaniel from the UK. It's become the 17th most popular purebred in the US since 2000.


Huge, robust Mastiffs. Mastiffs feature short coats, lengthy tails, massive feet, thick skulls, short muzzles, and pendant-shaped ears.

Miniature Schnauzer

Schnauzers have the best beards. They have the scruff and weeklong stubble every facial-hair aficionado wants. This breed's smaller versions are much more stylish.

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