The 8 Different Species Of Bears

Brown Bear

Northern and western Canada are home to brown bears. Alaskans are familiar. You've seen photographs of bears fishing in Alaska, with salmon jumping into their mouths.

Asiatic Black Bear

Seven subspecies of ABB exist. North India, Indonesia, Japan, and China. Range shrank. Their pods can't compete with others. It controls populations of delicate species.

Sloth Bear

Sloths are cool. Bears like an anteater and an old man. Anteaters are a favourite. Weak sloth bears. If they attack, they're hunted. Habitat loss affects their numbers. 

Giant panda Bear

Pandas consume plants. Bamboo-heavy. Malnutrition lasted years. Conservation initiatives threaten them. Confined pandas. Chinese mountains Outnumbered, China's prisoners.

Spectacled Bear

The Spectacled Bear is its only member. Last short-faced bears As the last of their type, these intelligent-looking creatures are endangered.

Malayan Sun Bear 

Honey Bears are sun bears that like sweets. No honey. Mice consume palm tree tops, fruit, and birds. Tiny sun bears. 60-110lbs. Indonesia and Malaysia formerly revered him.

American Black Bear

Bears are versatile. North America's climates and biomes. Environment- and temperature-adapted. Low-risk. They're unaffected by deforestation and climate change.

Polar Bear

Polar bears aren't Arctic-only animals. Common in Greenland and northern Canada. Oceanic conditions suited them. They prefer shrubland, grassland, and woods.

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