Swimming Has a tonne of Health Benefits

Swimming builds muscle. Swimmers gain muscle mass. Swimming requires more muscle than running. Legs and arms pull.

Swimming stretches muscles. Swimmers stretch, twist, and pull. In water, kicking forms ankle fins. Repetitive stretching develops flexibility

aerobic exercises, like swimming, prevent inflammation that leads to atherosclerotic buildup in the heart.

Few realise swimming is as beneficial as the treadmill. Stroke and intensity determine how many calories swimming burns.

Swimming provides moist air for training. Swimming reduces asthma symptoms and improves lung health.

Swimming lowers stress, melancholy. Swimming helps you focus because of your breathing and the water. Reduces tension, despondency.

Salt water swimming keeps skin hydrated and promotes new cell growth. Your skin will feel healthy and silky after a swim.

Regular swimmers developed language, fine motor abilities, confidence, and physical development faster than the control group.

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