Suffocating Elephant-Capable Animals


Lionesses frequently attack elephants in packs, targeting the young, sick, or old, or females with lesser tusks. Lions can beat newborn elephants alone. Lions don't attack head-on.


Tigers hunt alone, unlike other predators. Isolated. They're stealthy. Tigers murdering elephants seems logical. Young, sick, and old are trampled by tigers. As with other prey, it bites the elephant's neck.


Crocodiles usually kill elephants by biting off their trunks. If the elephant can't eat, drink, or breathe, it may die. Crocodiles are most likely to harm infant elephants and thrive in water.


The smaller and lighter rhinoceros is another Big Five member. 12-foot-tall elephants weigh six tonnes, while 6-foot-tall rhinos weigh two tonnes. It's twice as fast as an elephant and its horn can kill one.


It's easy to imagine hyenas can't kill elephants because they're small and have few armed attacks. They make up for size and killing skills with smart prey. Hyenas kill or eat baby elephants in packs, like buffalo.

Other elephants

Elephants seldom kill each other, although it's possible. Male elephants battle to the death during mating season. Their hormones cause them to attack family members, especially their calves.

king cobra

king cobra arrives. It won't waste its venom on non-prey animals, but it will bite anyone invading its territory. Its venom may kill an elephant. Elephants die if they bite their thin tusks.

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