Good, bad, and weird state-banned foods and drinks

In Alabama, college students won't be able to play "Edward Fortyhands," a drinking game that demands drinking two 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor before removing the tape. 


Alaska is recognised for its game meats, yet few restaurants serve them. Elk, reindeer, buffalo, and wild boar are sold in restaurants, however fox, polar bear, bear, and walrus aren't.


Arizona (and many other states) forbid the selling of unlimited alcohol for a predetermined price during a certain period. That means no bottomless brunches. Laws aren't always enforce though.


Only a few places in Arkansas and other states allow Sunday alcohol sales. Most eateries and microbreweries can serve alcohol. Half of Arkansas' counties are dry.


California is strict about food imports. Mostly to safeguard its $30 billion agricultural business from pests from other states. Apples, apricots, green beans, huckleberries.


Since prohibition-era alcohol laws become outmoded, Colorado has debated how to update them. Grocery stores in this state couldn't sell full-strength beer & liquor stores couldn't sell food.


Connecticut & 36 other states no longer allow out-of-state wine orders. That covers internet, catalogue, & retailer delivery. Since a 2005 ruling, interstate wine shipments were regulated.


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