Best Stadium Foods for Concerts and Games

Hot dogs are a stadium staple, but you may enjoy a variety of varieties. Order a beef hotdog.

All-beef hot dog

Cracker Jacks are a staple at baseball games. Is it wrong to eat peanuts and Cracker Jacks at a game? 


French dip sandwiches include tasty, protein-packed shaved beef. Skip melted cheese and add grilled mushrooms.


Many stadiums are starting to offer healthier meal options, so search for fresh fruit cups.

Strawberry Cup

Order a grilled chicken salad, sandwich, or wrap for a heartier dinner. Grilled chicken gives protein, & salads, sandwiches.

Chicken salad

Grilled hamburgers are another stadium food option. Beef is another protein-rich food that might keep you full longer.


Nachos look like a salad to us. Grab a fork to eat the avocado, black olives, lettuce, cheese, and salsa.


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