Because their prey moves quickly, cheetahs have adapted to move quickly. A cheetah can reach speeds of 60 to 80 miles per hour, making it the fastest mammal on land.


Great Plains pronghorn. They're in, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado. Fast pronghorns avoid wolves and grizzlies. Herbivores have 10x human vision.

Quarter Horse

The speed of this horse breed is unparalleled. They don't make suitable farm horses. They are utilised in rodeos and barrel races. The top speed is 55 mph.


Springboks are Southern African like cheetahs. They're eaten by cheetahs, leopards, lions, and wild dogs. 55-mph Springboks. Slower than cheetahs, but tougher.

Peregrine Falcon

The fastest animal is a peregrine falcon. At 250 mph, peregrine falcons dive. They turn their bodies into bullets to fly without wind resistance at high speeds.

Golden Eagle

Golden eagles can dive 150-200 mph like peregrines. The golden eagle dwarfs the peregrine. These eagles can hunt deer. Golden eagles inhabit the western U.S.


Dolphins can match orcas' 35-40 mph speed. 26-foot killer whales weigh 12k pounds. Despite being small, they can hunt at 35 mph or more. Orcas have no natural enemies.


The sailfish is the ocean's fastest fish, sprinting 68-70 mph. Like marlins, sailfish are billfish. They're named for their long dorsal fins. Sailfish is Florida's state fish.

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