Sphynx need frequent baths from a young age because they have no hair. Young cats will be more comfortable near water if exposed to it early.

Maine Coon

Maine Coons are placid, obedient, and drawn to water. If an owner likes the tub or shower, cats think it may be enjoyable for them, too (thus the name "copy cat".

Turkish Van

Turkish Vans have a long history as swimmers, acquiring a thick, full coat in the winter then shedding their hair in the summer to swim and fish. Many breeds enjoy swimming since they evolved to fish.

British Shorthair

Curious breeds, like the clever British Shorthair, are captivated by everything that moves, including running water. "They like to watch everything and will hop in a shower if you allow them."


Abyssinian's silky, multicoloured coat makes it amusing and active. Abyssinians have green or gold eyes and are independent but affectionate. Cats can observe distant water movement and react before a storm hits.


Siamese cats are chatterboxes who feel lonely if left alone too often. Siamese has been utilised to produce several current cat breeds due to its appeal as a show cat and pet.


Burmese are easygoing and enjoy water and baths. Adaptability and early exposure determine a breed's success.

Selkirk Rex

The Selkirk Rex will play in the water as you clean dishes or shower. Long and shorthaired variations of this curly-haired breed are available.

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