Old-fashioned Burger Joints

You probably have a favorite chain or local restaurant. Many foodies know the heartache of a beloved restaurant closing. We've compiled a list of nostalgic restaurants that have closed or shrunk.

Burger Chef was once the second-most popular fast-food chain in America, after McDonald's. And '70s kids remember it well. The Indiana-based restaurant sold flame-broiled burgers.

Burger Chef

70s youngsters remember visiting the orange-roofed restaurant franchise before Mad Men made it famous. In its heyday, the chain had 1,000 stores & 28 ice cream flavors.

Howard Johnson's'

Marriott bought a few franchises in the '80s, including Gino's Hamburgers, founded by NFL players in 1957. The Sirloiner was the chain's signature hamburger.

Gino's burgers

Marriott: Bob's Big Boy joined the company in 1967. (the chain had first opened in 1936 in Burbank, California). The corporation had hundreds of locations in the 1970s.

Bob's Big Boy

White Tower was launched in 1926, five years after White Castle. It was a fast-food powerhouse despite this. White Tower peaked in the 1950s but remained popular until the 1970s.


Sambo's Children of the 1970s will remember defunct chain Sambo's for its contentious name. "Sambo's" was purportedly a combination of the founders' names.


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