Gemini is often associated with dual personalities. However, their exceptional communication skills may be a scam. These people sometimes talk too much and are misinterpreted. 


Geminis are misunderstood because they are intellectually adaptable but not dishonest. Not dishonest. They communicate cleverly. They're misinterpreted.

Cancers are sometimes misinterpreted because they're considered emotional. Moon-ruled Cancers are guarded in what they say and what they mean.


Therefore, individuals who don't know how responsive Cancers are are wrong. So they think they're dumb. Cancers speak chances. They're misunderstood because they don't respond as expected.

Leos differ. They don't need others' good vibes. Despite popular belief, these indigenous don't need outsiders to manage their attitude and thinking. Sun rules Leo. Thus, they're self-reliant.


These natives are misunderstood because they never explain their hardships and sufferings. They'll never beg. Instead, they would let people think what they want, even if they're wrong.


Kind. Despite dominating Mercury, they rarely speak unless necessary. Virgos can seem serious and practical. No. Only real people matter. They display selectively.

They value practicality. Thus, they care little about others' opinions. They lack empathy in relationships. Scorpios' partners misinterpret them when they don't explain themselves.


Scorpio progresses. Deeper partnerships are intense. Intense is good. To stay sane, they must break relationships. They're self-confident and avoid toxic people.

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