Some of the cutest animals in the world

Red pandas are one of the cutest animals in the world, with their fluffy tails and adorable cheeks. These animals live in Asia's mountains. Reddish-brown, shy, lonely animals that live in trees.

Red Panda

Australia also has koalas. Koalas are sometimes called 'bears.' They're not bear-related. Koalas have grey fur with white breast patches. Two thumbs on each hand help them grip branches tightly.


Arctic foxes are little arctic foxes. Foxes have thick, white fur to stay warm. Fangs and claws help them kill prey. In their tunnels, arctic foxes feed small mammals, birds, and insects.

Arctic Fox

Meerkats reside in Africa's deserts. These furry creatures have long bodies and short legs. Meerkats build tunnels with their powerful claws in groups of up to 30.


Tiny Sahara Desert fox. Foxes' large ears maintain body temperature and hear prey. Fennec foxes eat locusts, rats, and other small animals. These creatures live in families for 14 years.

Fennec Fox

Pikas live in North American and Asian mountains. Pikas are lagomorphs, like rabbits and hares. Their bodies and ears are round. Pikas consume vegetation.


These small goats are quirky. Pygmy goats adore herding. They're playful and seek human attention. Pygmy goats have short, rough coats.

 Pygmy Goats

Sea Otters are marine mammals. These aquatic creatures are strong swimmers. Furry sea otters keep warm in cold seas. They eat crabs and urchins.

Sea Otters

Southern rodent. Capybaras near rivers and lakes are semi-aquatic. Heavy bodies, short legs, and brown fur. Capybaras have spherical heads with lengthy whiskers.


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