Some Dogs That Don't Bark Very Much

Akitas only bark when threatened and are good guard dogs. Few people are close to them. Away from home, they're aloof. The stubborn Akita needs consistent training.


He doesn't bark. Instead of barking, they yodel. These dogs are neither noisy nor silent. These dogs may yodel, squeal, or whine when stimulated.


The greyhound is a calm hound breed. Most greyhounds are couch potatoes while needing moderate activity. Some form tight family relationships and express discomfort when left alone. 


Saint Bernards are silent unless they sense danger. They're loyal, loving, and ready to please. This breed is highly distracted and must be controlled due to its size.

Saint Bernard

The shiba inu is a calm, reserved dog, especially around strangers. Stoic but committed to family. The independent attitude of these dogs makes training difficult.

Shiba Inu

Quiet whippets. It needs moderate to vigorous activity. Consistent training is needed for reluctant or distracted whippets. Whippets are shy with strangers but loving with relatives.


Shar-peis rarely bark. It's a great calm breed. Strong, loyal, and affectionate, the shar-pei. Chinese shar-peis are zen-like canines that rarely bark until alarmed.


Bark less. This isn't a yappy breed; they may bark to alert you or when bored. This African breed hunts and guards. It's a common addition to U.S. homes.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

The chow chow has a bear-like look and bluish-black tongue. Chows don't bark until threatened. Even yet, they're quiet. Sometimes they're aggressive, but it's to protect oneself and their family.

Chow Chow

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