Everyone does not have all the qualities but there are some qualities which every boy and girl want to see in their future partner.

Every boy and girl hopes that the future partner should be open-minded, it is very important to have openness because it is easy to connect with each other.


Who does not want loyalty in a relationship, that's why every boy and girl before marriage hopes that-


whoever they are in a relationship with, should be loyal and stay with them with complete loyalty.

Before joining each other, boys and girls want their partner to respect them, because it is very important to respect each other in a relationship.


For a healthy marriage, each husband and wife must first know the other very well.


 This is the reason that every young man and woman imagines of getting an understanding ideal life partner before tying the knot.

Every boy and girl wants that the sense of humor of the future partner should be good, due to which the possibility of getting sour in the relationship decreases.

Spirit of humour

Every young man and woman hopes to find maturity in their future spouse since it helps to solidify their bond.


Every boy and girl wants that they get a lot of love from their future partner, love is the only thing on which relationships survive.


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