He loves to chase and as soon as he receives it he will stop being so passionate and loving and he can even ghost you if the thrill of stalking is over for him.


He will always love himself more and put himself first, you will always feel the need to fight for his attention which will ultimately make you tired.


He likes his freedom and his social life and you will find it difficult to spend quality time with him when he is everywhere.


He's sensitive but stubborn, so he'll get upset over small things and you'll spend most of your time solving puzzles and guessing what you did wrong.


She has a lot of fans and is accustomed to messing with all of them and is open.


He won't commit to you, he loves his career more than anything else.


He can give you a lot of mixed signals because he doesn't really know what he wants and is probably changing his mind about you.


He will never be satisfied with one person, so he will make you feel that you are not good enough because he has so many wonderful options.


He is full of promises but does not act, so enjoy his words but don't believe him because you will be preparing yourself for disappointment.


He's probably still in love with his ex and will always be, so until he comes back, some more will be a waste of time.


He is a player and he is very likely to cheat, he is romantic and charming and he emerges from the attention he gets from all women.


He doesn't put in too much effort, likes things to be handed down to a partner who does everything for him, he won't be going to catch you when you fall.

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