Snakes That Are Often Kept as Pets

Pet shops sell red-tail boas. Red-tails can grow to 15 feet. They're not good pets for those who can't care for a snake that feeds gigantic rodents and can live 30 years or longer in captivity.

Boa Constrictor

Ball pythons make good pets. They can live 35 years in captivity and are 3-5 feet tall. In danger, they form a ball. They don't need much heat or light and are good first-time pets.

Ball Python

Snakes are pets. Calm but lively, Burmese are 15-20 feet tall. Anyone afraid of dead rats shouldn't feed these giants. Size limits Burmese pythons to adulthood.

Burmese Python

Arboreal snakes give variety to a snake enclosure. Green tree pythons curl up and hang from tree limbs. Adults are 5 feet long and bright green, sometimes confused with emerald tree boas.

Green Tree Python

The turbulent blood python has beautiful markings and is stocky. They have short tails and grow to 6-8 feet. Named for brick-red spots in their designs.

Python Brongersmai

King snakes are 5-7 feet long and related to milk snakes. Because they eat snakes, keep them alone. Captive-bred North American king snakes aren't hard to find.

King Snake

The rat snake is plain-looking but athletic. This serpent swims and climbs. When scared, they pucker up and vibrate their tails like rattlesnakes. Rat snakes constrict and consume prey.

Black Rat Snake

Small and colourful, the corn snake is a type of rat snake popular with novices. 5 foot corn snakes are superb escape artists. Peaceful and non-biting.

Corn Snake

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