The Korat is a small-to-medium cat with a solid, alert body. Large green or amber eyes enhance this breed's expressiveness. Intelligent, loyal, and gregarious, Korats like family time but can be demanding.

Havana Brown

Silky chocolate coatings cover Havana browns. This breed was made by combining Siamese with other cats. Chatty kitties who enjoy family time. They're active and adore teasers and riddles.

Cornish Rex

Cats with a curly coat, such as the Cornish Rex, are recognised for being energetic and friendly. These cats have a striking appearance and adapt well to busy households.


The Burmese is a lively and social breed. They're smart, versatile, lively, and trainable. This breed can also fetch a toy and walk on a leash. Car rides and vet visits are easier with early conditioning.


Balinese cats are longhaired Siamese. Intelligent, kind, inquisitive, and lively, Balinese are also beautiful. They're loud and demanding. A spontaneous genetic mutation in purebred Siamese caused longer coats.


Abyssinian cats have slim bodies and short coats. It's active and playful; it loves to climb furniture, play with toys, and interact with humans. Abyssinians are good for homes with kids and other pets.


Savannahs are scarce and intelligent. This big hybrid was created by combining wild African servals with domestic cats. They need room to run and jump. They become bored easily and need stimulation.


Siamese have a beautiful coat, are curious, and talkative. Affectionate and active. They need playtime. Puzzle and teaser toys stimulate this cat's mind. Obtain a cat tree if feasible. Siamese open taps and drawers when bored.

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