Small Animals That Eat Vegetables Plants


Omnivore chipmunks love your tomato patch's nuts and seeds. They prefer to live in fallen logs and leaf piles, therefore they're frequent in forested gardens.


Like chipmunks, squirrels are naturally gifted climbers and gymnasts. They are opportunistic omnivores that tend to snag juicy tomatoes first thing in the morning.


Groundhogs are the messiest garden pests. In search of tomatoes, they often trample beans, peas, and maize. Unchecked, they can destroy entire gardens.


Rabbits eat tomato plants in gardens. They eat leaves without leaving sharp edges. They eat at sunset, night, and sunrise.


Deer devour garden plants. They leave small tomato plant. Deer tracks reveal they eat gardens. Deer may be momentarily deterred by strong-smelling repellents.


Voles harm tomato plants. Voles consume stems and foliage, severing entire plants. Voles' front teeth groove leaves.


Tree squirrels outsmart raccoons. As climbers, they're difficult to control. Raccoon fencing must be 4 feet tall and buried to prevent digging.

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