Grackles are blackbirds with crow-like feathers and beaks. Unlike crow feathers, grackle feathers shimmer. Birds with yellow eyes and black feathers.


The blue jay and crow are both corvids. Similar body proportions and thick beaks, while the blue jay is smaller. The two birds' feather colours are the main distinction.

Blue Jay

Blackbird feathers and beaks are often mistaken for crows. They're not connected despite appearances. Blackbirds aren't corvids. Blackbirds, crows are smart.


Black cowbirds resemble crows. Both consume bugs, fruits, and seeds. Unlike crows, cowbirds have brown heads. Their beaks and skulls resemble finches.


Corvids like jackdaws have a similar language. Jackdaws and crows eat alike. They're different. Jackdaws have silvery grey feathers on their necks, cheeks, and underparts


Magpies and crows share similar characteristics. Magpies can have black, white, green, and blue feathers like crows. The crow's body is larger. Seeds, fruits,


Similar to crows are starlings. Black starlings are crow-size. Mottled white feathers imply the bird isn't a crow. Starlings are pests because they chase other birds from food and nests.


Currawongs have black plumage but thinner bodies, longer beaks, and tails. Australian currawongs are rarer than crows. Currawong feathers are purple-charcoal.


The Alpine chough's black feathers can mistake it for crows. Similar body types and diets. Alpine choughs have colourful bills and feet, unlike crows.

Alpine Chough

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