Signs That Your Partner Is not Ready to Marry

It is not necessary that everyone marries the one he loved

Most people love to have conversations about their interests. Conversely, they steer clear of discussions that can trigger negative emotions.

Don't want to talk about marriage

But when it comes to marriage and they are not ready, they change the subject or maintain an awkward silence.

If your partner always comments on how terrible marriage sounds or talks about how unhappy they are with all the married people they know.

They usually talk desperate about married life

when the topic of marriage comes up to friends or family, they make negative comments.

When it comes to marriage, their mood changes, they don't seem excited about it at all.

As soon as the topic of marriage comes, their mood changes

After getting into a relationship, when there is talk of planning for the future and your partner does not like things, it means that he is not ready for marriage.

They avoid conversations about the future

When one spouse discusses their feelings about marriage in an open manner with the other.

They tell you straight

it is essential to pay close attention to what the other person has to say and try to see things from their perspective.

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