Signs that they are starting to like you

When he started speaking very sweetly while talking to you, as if his voice was making your heart swell.


When they see you, their heartbeat starts increasing and while talking to you, their heart starts indicating that they are attracted towards you.

Breathing pattern

When they want you, they repeatedly try to touch their own neck to indicate that you are the one to whom they have given their heart.

Aims for the neck and touches it

They start ruffling their own hair whenever they are around you or talking to you.

Gently stroking hair

Someone is attracted to you if he walks up to you, bends his/her head, or begins lowering his head while chatting.

Head down

On coming close to you, they lovingly started touching your cheeks and hands and started giving you a lovely smile.

Sweet touch

They try to make eye contact with you either directly or indirectly

Eye contect

Happiness comes on their face as soon as they see you and their love and affection for you is visible in their smile.


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