Your partner puts you first, takes out time for you no matter what the situation is.

Prioritizes You

When your lover confides in you and seeks out your thoughts and advice on everything.

Many times when your partner is not with you, he remains in your thoughts- 

He thinks about you

and as soon as he thinks about you, he remembers you through calls or text messages.

When your partner is in love with you, the first thing they make sure is that you feel special.

Makes you feel special

And he does everything possible to make every moment spent with you memorable.

When your partner loves you then he thinks about your happiness and will do everything possible to make you feel happy.

Puts your happiness first

If your partner loves you, then he spends more and more time with you and he gets pleasure from spending time with you.

He enjoys spending time with you

With you, he may be completely open and honest, and he frequently makes overt displays of affection.

Faith and appreciation

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