Signs that he likes you

When someone is in love with you, his behavior and body language also start changing.

What you need is being considered by him

when a man genuinely cares about you and wants to know how you are doing and what you require. 

He give you high priority

When a man gives you priority first and is selflessly ready to do anything for you.

He risks everything for you

A man focuses on you more than on his own convenience.

He enjoyed every moment with you

When  a man feel satisfied with her partner, they commit to the relationship and look forward to having some great moments together.

He's been more optimistic lately

These days, he seems more upbeat, and he seems to be growing more assured about his future with you.

He appreciates your advise

Your advice is given importance. Without taking your advice, they do not move forward in it.

Heartbeat sync with yours

When you are feeling close to someone, your natural inclination is to mirror their behavior. 

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