Signs that a guy doesn't love you

Everything seems very pleasant in the beginning of love. After being cheated in love, a person breaks down and does not feel like trusting anyone again.


If your partner spends more time with one of his friends than you, then it becomes a big reason for creating distance in the relationship.

Spending more time with his friends than you 

You just start thinking that he does not care about you.

If your partner does not introduce you to his family and friends, it could mean that he does not want to be in a long term relationship with you.

Not introducing you in front of his family or friends

Ups and downs keep coming in life, if your partner is getting angry on you too much, then it may be the reason that he is not happy with this relationship.

Showing anger on you

In the initial days of love, your partner obeys you in everything. When there is a dispute in the relationship, then he stops trusting you.

Your thoughts are irrelevant to him

If there is any physical weakness in your relationship, then it affects the thoughts of you and your partner.

Lost all his desire for physical activity

The meaning of love is fulfilling each other's needs and standing with each other at every step. But with time all these changes the relationship breaks.


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