The people of Gemini zodiac keep themselves connected with the social environment and like to share most of their things,

that is why these people keep themselves more in social media, in which they share their feelings and reasons.


The people of Scorpio zodiac are very secretive and do not easily share anything about their life,

but the reason for their being more active in social media, these people like to know what is going on in other people's life.


The people of Leo zodiac like to keep themselves in the spotlight and like to be the center of attention, 

that is why they spend most of their time in social media to share their life and share their every activity.


Librans like to maintain balance in their lives and try to make life better every day,

 Librans are social media savvy, Librans spend more time on social media to share their experiences. 


The people of Sagittarius like their freedom very much, for which they do not like to compromise, 

 that is why they remain in social media, secondly, this person should use social media very carefully as a work. 

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