Due to their two-faced nature, Geminis aspire for the highest and are not satisfied until they make compromises with the things that bother them throughout their lives.


Cancerians have a deep rooted fear of rejection, even when they are loved or praised, they doubt it and wonder if they deserve it.


At the same time, even after being qualified, these people start doubting themselves, which is one of the main reasons for their not feeling well.

Virgos are quite defensive but the dissatisfaction of these people shows what these people are feeling, 


Virgos sometimes go out in search of greatness but not being able to achieve it gives rise to dissatisfaction and does not feel good.

The people of Libra zodiac are very much liked for their kindness, as well as they behave very sweetly, even after this they do not feel good.


The dissatisfaction and poor self-esteem of the people of Scorpio zodiac sometimes do not allow these people to feel good from inside.


The fear of rejection and feelings of inadequacy never make Pisces people feel good,


Pisces people often feel a sense of insecurity which makes them weak and fragile.

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